Transition from Another Outsourcing Vendor

ASC revenue cycle optimization requires much more than a task-oriented approach. PhyBus develops and executes pro-active, integrated revenue cycle strategies to improve cash flow and position ASCs for long-term profitability. Our commitment to quality, transparency and client service is why ASC owners and administrators trust PhyBus to deliver results.

Improved Revenue Cycle Results

Many ASC owners and administrators already understand the benefits of outsourcing their revenue cycle management. However, gauging the effectiveness of an outsourced service can be a challenge. Are they doing quality, compliant work? If not, it can cost you. Fines for non-compliance can be expensive. A/R follow up delays can eat away at cash flow and profits.

PhyBus has a track record of improving ASC revenue cycle results. After transitioning to PhyBus, ASCs typically realize a cash flow improvement and a reduction in claims denials. 

PhyBus’ detailed transition process is designed to seamlessly integrate our revenue cycle solutions into the ASC without disruption. In fact, our integration team utilizes the PhyBus Integration Assurance Checklist™ to ensure complete and correct integration. We leverage our in-depth ASC expertise and revenue cycle experience to identify opportunities for improvement. First, we focus on addressing immediate needs to quickly increase cash flow. Then develop and implement strategies to ensure long-term profitability.

PhyBus is committed to giving our ASC clients the highest level of service. We work together with our clients to set goals and develop the specific revenue cycle procedures necessary to meet those goals. Our work is completely transparent. PhyBus provides regular reports and data analytics so our clients constantly know the status of their surgery center’s revenue cycle.

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