Method for Success

PhyBus improves ASC cash flow. How do we get results? We combine our in-depth ASC knowledge with a strategic operational approach and a roll-up-our sleeves to get the job done attitude. PhyBus is committed to helping ASCs reach their financial goals to succeed.

PhyBus | Proactive Operations


PhyBus pro-actively manages each step of the revenue cycle. This forward-thinking, strategic approach is the key to our ASC clients’ financial success. We work with clients to develop tailored policies and procedures to integrate revenue cycle operations throughout the entire ASC. What’s more, PhyBus monitors client accounts daily to identify trends and pro-actively address issues. This attention to detail allows us to identify opportunities to fine-tune procedures for improved efficiency and maximized results.


PhyBus works with ASCs to define and reach their financial goals. We bring a business-minded, strategic approach to the ASC revenue cycle. PhyBus helps ASC owners and administrators assess the current state of their revenue cycle and develop a plan for improvement. We also utilize our in-depth industry insights to set realistic key performance indicator improvement goals for each client.

PhyBus | Integration


PhyBus’ transition process is designed to be streamlined and non-disruptive to the ASC. We understand that transitioning an ASC revenue cycle can be a challenge. That’s why we developed the PhyBus Integration Assurance Checklist™. This ensures our revenue cycle integration process is complete and correct. It also ensures that the revenue cycle is integrated throughout the entire surgery center – not just the billing and coding department. Our process is also designed to address the immediate needs to quickly increase cash flow while simultaneously developing and executing the strategies for ongoing profitability.


PhyBus is committed to delivering the highest level of client service. Our ongoing support and advisory optimize revenue cycle operations to improve the financial performance of the ASC. PhyBus is also committed to helping our clients stay up-to-date on the issues that impact the ASC revenue cycle. We analyze healthcare industry trends and government regulations to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve.


PhyBus understands that patient satisfaction is an ASC’s top priority. That’s why we are available to work with our ASC clients to develop patient-friendly billing and collection procedures. These procedures begin with the initial patient contact and continue through final reimbursement collection. PhyBus’ staff receives ongoing customer service training to ensure each encounter is a good experience for the patient.

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ASC revenue cycle optimization requires much more than a task-oriented approach. PhyBus develops and executes pro-active, integrated revenue cycle strategies to improve cash flow and position ASCs for long-term profitability. Our commitment to quality, transparency and client service is why ASC owners and administrators trust PhyBus to deliver results.



ASC revenue cycle management is increasingly complex. PhyBus gives ASCs the resources and expertise to improve revenue cycle performance for maximum reimbursement. We work closely with ASC owners and administrators to integrate concise, relevant solutions that help surgery centers succeed. This is all accomplished in a seamless, transparent manner.