Timely and accurate billing is the lifeblood of an ASC. PhyBus’ experienced ASC Billing Specialists are trained on the latest regulatory and compliance requirements to ensure compliant, precise reimbursement.

Our ASC Billing Specialists adhere to strict medical billing practices and procedures. This promotes superior billing performance to improve cash flow.

PhyBus executes each step of the billing process. We have expertise with all major ASC management systems. Our ASC Billing Specialists are trained to manage both in-network and out-of-network billing for surgical procedures in multiple specialties.  

PhyBus’ ASC Billing Specialists understand the complexities of out-of-network billing. We work with clients to ensure all necessary documentation is correct and complete. We stay up-to-date on the out-of-network legal and regulatory guidelines so that our clients get the best reimbursement rates possible.  

Additionally, PhyBus helps ASCs get the most out of their managed care contracts. We review each contract to ensure the terms are consistent with both the industry and regional benchmarks. The PhyBus team audits the ASC’s previously reimbursed claims to ensure the fully allowable payment amount was received. We make sure all billing staff is knowledgeable about the contract terms so reimbursement is optimized.

PhyBus Billing Specialists help ASCs maximize revenue.

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PhyBus helps ASCs across the nation thrive financially. Find out how we can help you determine the effectiveness of your revenue cycle and identify opportunities to improve cash flow. Contact PhyBus today to learn more.


ASC revenue cycle optimization requires much more than a task-oriented approach. PhyBus develops and executes pro-active, integrated revenue cycle strategies to improve cash flow and position ASCs for long-term profitability. Our commitment to quality, transparency and client service is why ASC owners and administrators trust PhyBus to deliver results.



ASC revenue cycle management is increasingly complex. PhyBus gives ASCs the resources and expertise to improve revenue cycle performance for maximum reimbursement. We work closely with ASC owners and administrators to integrate concise, relevant solutions that help surgery centers succeed. This is all accomplished in a seamless, transparent manner.